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ONIMAR ÂME (born Marion Bott)

I am a French-German writer and actress working in four different languages.

Forever fascinated by the invisible and the colors our human psyche brings along when interacting with the rest of the world, these are the zones I chose to investigate at any moment in space and time. Write the silence and act the invisible. Where is the big deal? Where is it? It is where you might never expect it. I listen to the movements that link the lines to a space where we might catch a new truth.

The truth? What an ambition to speak about truth when telling stories. Well, that’s the ambition that made me realize that each of my characters carries her own truth. That every human carries his own truth, and the alchemic process of marrying opposing truths is what gives birth to my poetic justice. I love to find what should not, would never, and is forbidden by law of social conspiracy. I open a space in which time travels and the heart dances between reality and dreamstates, in the worlds between the world. Whether it is through acting or writing I aim to create a bridge that connects what should and what shouldn’t but obviously must happen. Great mysteries, and the wonders of life’s secrets are called to connect with the reality I was born in.

Because when connection takes place, transformation is unavoidable, and when transformation is unavoidable, the artistic expansion flows in everything I do.


Session OnimarÂme „Stardancer“ Photos by Tilmann Krieg © www.tk-vision.com – all rights reserved, licensed exclusively 4 this website

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